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Nevada Fire Chiefs Association

The NFCA is a membership organization that supports and promotes the fire service in Nevada. We provide programs and services that help member fire departments improve safety, recruit volunteers, save time and increase/improve training opportunities.

Fire Department Jobs Listings

Our Fire Jobs Listing helps member fire departments build a larger applicant pools for each job posting.

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment

Community Members: The Nevada Fire Chiefs provides an online volunteer firefighter application to make it easier for community members to serve their community

Fire Departments: Rural Nevada fire departments understands that without volunteers, you can't fight fire. NFCA provides multiple volunteer recruitment programs to increase volunteer participation at Nevada fire departments.

Fire Department Needs Assessment survey

The needs assessment survey helps the NFCA determine where to best allocate our time and resources. Survey information is used to apply for grants that cover common needs among Nevada fire departments.

The NV Fire Chiefs encorages all fire departments to particpate in the Firefighter Cancer Support Network programs. They have developed programs to protect firefighters and prevent cancer. Please, read more about thier program.

Want to be a firefighter?

Most firefighting jobs are highly competitive & require a strong resume. Volunteers gain experience & training that strengthen a resume.
Apply to be a volunteer

Post a Job

Fire Chiefs, get more applicants by posting jobs on NFCA's website. NFCA advertises on Google to promote NV fire jobs.

Cancer Support Network

Firefighters protect yourself from cancer!