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Post a Firefighting Job

Fire job listings are free to all paid and volunteer fire departments as we improve on the program. In the future, we may add a nominal fee to cover the expense of adding jobs.

* Job postings are currently only available for fire jobs located in Nevada.

To get the most applicants: Technology has likely moved a great deal since you posted a job. In 2017, Google entered the game of listing jobs and as a result, they control a large portion of job seeker traffic. NFCA has upgraded fire job listing program with options to follow Google's job posting guidelines. By posting a fire job (using the Google Job Posting method) on the Nevada Fire Chiefs Website, your job will be submitted to Google Jobs and as a result job posting typically gets about 10x more traffic. We highly recommend taking the time to reformat your job posting to match this format.

After you fill out your contact information, we provide 3 options to post a job (below) listed in order of effectiveness:


Most firefighting jobs are highly competitive & require a strong resume. Volunteers gain experience & training that strengthens a resume.
Apply to be a volunteer

FIRE DEPTS: Volunteer Tips

Learn about how you can use the state-wide volunteer firefighter application to get more volunteer firefighter applications.

FIRE DEPTS: Post a Job

Fire Chiefs, get more applicants by posting jobs on NFCA's website. NFCA advertises on Google to promote NV fire jobs.